Main fittings for horizontal machines


gruppo assale con pesata

Axle unit with weighing sensors

Inside chopping-mixing box

catena di trasmissione con tenditori automatici

Transmission chains with automatic

catena di trasmissione con tenditori automatici

Rear hopper for milling products

attacchi idraulici e riduttore epicicloidale

• Hydraulic couplings to tractor with
“pull-push” levers distributor
• Epicycloidal gearbox with direct PTO
• Inspection ladder with platform

scarico laterale diretto

Side direct discharge

Predisposizione al secondo scarico

Set-up for second discharge side

timone registrabile in altezza

Height-adjustable drawbar


Gancio traino

Adjustable special trowbar KU80

impianto automatico di lubrificazione catene

Automatic installation for oiling chains

rivestimento vasca e settori coclee

• Covering body box stainless steel Aisi 304, thickness 3 mm
• Sectors screws in stainless steel AISI 304

Riporto fondo vasca in acciaio Hardox

Hardox steel bottom lining

Calamita per materiali ferrosi

Magnet for ferrous materials

Inversore coclee

Reverse gear for augers

Riduttore epicicloidale

• Epicycloidal gearbox with coupler
• Independent hydraulic installation

Tappeto a catena basculante

Tilting chain discharge conveyor 900×1600 mm w/hydraulic lifting

Tappeto a catena con alzata idraulica

Chain discharge conveyor 900x1000mm w/hydraulic lifting

Tappeto in gomma Heavy Duty

“Heavy Duty” tilting and foldable rubber discharge conveyor

Alzata meccanica per tappeti

Mechanical lifting for discharge conveyor up to max 1000 mm length

Gomma contenimento prodotto

Rubber flap for discharge conveyor for conveyor

Coperchio chiusura vasca serie Samurai5

Closing cover for SAMURAI 5 tub

Griglia chiusura vasca serie Samurai5

Protection grid for SAMURAI 5 tu

Comandi con distributore a cavo

Controls by distributor with cable levers

Comandi elettroidraulici con pulsantiera a cavo

Electrohydraulic controls by cable push-but- ton panel

Freni meccanici

Mechanical brakes

Timone tipo tedesco

High drawbar “German type “TÜV” homologated

Assale con ammortizzatori a balestre

Axle with leaf springs complete and mechanical brakes for rough roads

Supporto centrale computer pesa

Central computer support for high draw-bar “German type“

Timone snodato

Articulated drawbar for easily maneuverability on narrow passages

Impianto irrorazione in tubo zincato

Sprinkling installation made in galvanized tube fitted around the upper perimeter of the mixing box

Regolatore velocità discesa fresa

Electronic governor for the tiller descent speed

Sovrasponde in acciaio serie Samurai5

Steel upper edges for SAMURAI 5 Series

Sovrasponde in gomma serie Samurai5

Rubber upper edges for SAMURAI 5 Series

Telaio speciale per pesate con piedino a terra

Independent frame for weighing with no connection to the tractor

Gruppo lanciapaglia per serie Samurai5

“Vulcan System” Stuffing unit for SAMURAI 5 Series

Piede appoggio idraulico

Hydraulic supporting jack

Rotatore idraulico gru

Hydraulic rotator crane

Benna per cereali

Crane complete with cereals bucket

Trasmissione 3WD-4WD

3WD Transmission for SAKURA/MUSTANG

Assale posteriore con ammortizzatori a balestre

Rear axle with leaf springs for SAMURAI 7 SELF-TRON Series

Impianto ingrassaggio idraulico centralizzato

• Central greasing system
• Automatic installation for oiling chains

Trasmissione 4WD Samurai7 Self Tron

4WD Transmission for SAMURAI 7 SELF-TRON Series

Kit carrello per cambio lame

Cart kit for blade change

Sistema di retrovisione tipo Quad

Back viewing system with 7” Quad monitor

4 ruote sterzanti serie Samurai7 Self Tron

4 Steering Wheels for SAMURAI 7 SELF-TRON Series

Impianto luci per macchine trainate

Safety Lighting Package for trailed machines

Cambio a 2 velocità per riduzione assorbimento potenza

Two speed gearbox for lower power absorption for 450-500 Series

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