1. The whole production range from SEKO Industries is guaranteed for 12 (twelve) months starting from the delivery date of the machine to the final user. The guarantee expires anyhow after 18 (eighteen) months from the date of the leaving of the machine from SEKO Industries factory.
  2. The guarantee covers exclusively the supply free of charge of the component considered defective from manufacturing and as such having been ascertained by SEKO Industries engineers, excluding any other claim or demand from the Purchaser for eventual expenses or costs due to machine stop, missed job or any other damage of any kind whatsoever.
  3. All the parts shipped under Guarantee Demand will be originally invoiced and the possible acknowledgement of the Guarantee will be credited only after reception of the faulty part and the related ascertainment by SEKO Industries engineers. All costs for the shipment, packing and labour cost of both for the defective parts and of those acknowledged
    with guarantee coverage will be at the Buyer’s charge.
  4. Excluded from the guarantee are all those parts normally exposed to wear such as cutting blades, counterblades, chains, tyres,etc., as well as any labour cost needed for the replacement of the faulty part and the setting up of the machine.
  5. For weighing systems, diesel engines, electrical and hydraulic motors,hydraulic and electro-hydraulic components, electric control boards, reduction gearboxes and for all those components mounted on SEKO machines but not manufactured by SEKO Industries the general guarantee conditions of every single manufacturer are in force.
  6. The lack of compliance and application of the use and maintenance instructions of the machine, improper use or handling of the machine, alterations being not authorized or performed by non-qualified personnel, incorrect installation, use of non-original spare parts and modifications carried out by the Purchaser will automatically make the
    guarantee to expire.
  7. The Purchaser shall inform SEKO Industries in written form from any occurred potential defect within 8 days from the date it happened, indicating at the same time also the machine data such as: model, serial number, year of manufacture.
  8. SEKO Industries is exonerated from all liability and obligation for any damage, direct or indirect, to persons, things and animals that may happen during the use of the machine due to negligence and lack of compliance to the specific instructions contained in the Use and Maintenance Manual.
  9. It is strictly forbidden to perform any alteration/tampering and removal of machine protections which would jeopardise the safety of persons, things and animals.
  10. The Purchaser commits himself to use the purchased products only for the purposes they have been assigned.
  11. Potential vices of the sold goods shall be claimed in written form within 8 days from the delivery; should this condition not be complied, the Purchaser will loose any guarantee right.
  12. In case latent defects or not easily detectable defects are suspected, these shall be reported, also in written form, within 8 days from the detection and under the condition that one year has not yet passed from the delivery date. In any case, the claim will not entitle the Purchaser to the suspension of the payment at the agreed price.
  13. The Guarantee will be valid only if the Guarantee Certificate has been signed and returned back to SEKO Industries by the Purchaser within 30 days. SEKO Industries has the authority to acknowledge the guarantee for machines from which no Guarantee Certificate has been returned back.
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