Waste bag opener Grizzly ME Green&Compost

Stationary version with electric motor

Seko Grizzly Waste Bag Opener

Stationary version with electric motor

Recycling machines – Automatic Bag opener for waste recycling plants

Grizzly machines constitute an effective system for emptying large quantities of bags of different characteristics

Standard Equipment

> Complete with motor and electric control panel for starting machine at full load.
> With 2 counter-rotating shafts, equipped with Hardox cutting elements for breaking the bags
> Hardox adjustable pointed contrast elements
> Tank bottom and side walls in Hardox wear-resistant steel
> Independent hydraulic system with solenoid valves
> High resistance steel structure
> Two-stage planetary gearbox
> SEKOTRONIC SK 6000 weighing system prepared
for Industry 4.0

Electric Control Board

> Type 45 kW 50 Hz 400 / 690V 90A
> Starting capacity under full load condition
> Drive inverter (frequency regulator) with variation of rotor revolutions 24 – 40 rpm
> Protection Degree IP 54
> Minimum and maximum ambient temperature – 5 /+40 ° C
> Maximum relative humidity 85%
> Local machine operation monitoring via panel display
> Manual inversion of rotors with automatic protection
> Automatic inversion of rotors with weight threshold and preset cycle
> Local manual control from the panel main engine, stop, emergency
> Remote manual control from PLC after main motor interface, stop, emergency
> Motor power supply cable length 7 m Grizzly machines constitute an effective system for emptying large quantities of bags of different characteristics

> Acquisition and management of the following parameters:
– machine status (running, stopped, in error)
– total working hours
– partial working hours (programmed / programmable reset e.g. daily, weekly, monthly)
– total energy consumed
– energy consumed daily (daily reset)
– current absorbed by the motor
– maximum current absorbed by the motor
– drive output voltage
– nominal power
– inverter (frequency regulator) alarm
– number of starts
– rotor revolutions


> From above by means of an overhead crane with spider or loader shovel


> Machine installation
> Realization of the system power supply line and connection
> Line creation and own installation remote control management
> Changes to the panel for any interlock or control signals
> Connection of the supplied cable kit, from the control panel to the machine for:
– Main motor line and relative thermal protection
– Solenoid valves line

Grizzly waste bag opener data sheet
Grizzly Seko aprisacco stazionario motore elettrico
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