TRYTON 6000/7000

high-performancd straw bio-choppers



Tryton high-performancd straw bio-choppers

Available in models from 20 to 30 m³

● Series 6000: 20 m³
● Series 7000: 30 m³



Unifeed biotrituratori per paglia ad alto rendimento Tryton scheda tecnica

The main strength of the new patented generation bio-choppers from our TRYTON Series is the amazing ability to chopping and pulping cylindrical and prismatic straw bales for different purposes in agricultural and industrial field.

Having a big granting capacity output with great cut and fiberisation quality, these high performance machines are able to process all packed fibrous products such as hay, corn stalks, sugar cane, etc.

Available in trailed version for tractor coupling, with electric or diesel engine, the TRYTON bio-choppers are the best solution for all needs requiring reliability, quickness and low running costs.

The power supply in continuous cycle of the big volumes loaded through a large hopper capacity, ensures the following yield:

40 cylindrical bales/hour for TRYTON models 6000 series
• 60 cylindrical bales/hour for TRYTON models 7000 series
• 5/10 cm product size

Thanks to their innovative technology, these machines having simple but very reliable functionality as all Seko products, require low power absorption and don’t need special maintenance

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